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26 hours TT

The beauty of Vinyasa yoga is the variety. It is what makes the class one of the most popular classes on offer today. There are no rules or fixed sequences so classes vary in style, pace and intensity. This however, means it is dependant on the teacher and sequencing. Sequencing is usually centred around a theme, a group of poses, an anatomy focus or a peak pose. Classes can be dynamic but also restorative in nature.


As a Vinyasa teacher, it helps to be able to offer classes across the board and be skilful at managing classes of all levels including mixed level classes. This can cleverly be addressed through krama sequencing, one of five different sequencing ideas offered during this training

The purpose of this immersion is to deliver a training to existing teachers who are looking to include vinyasa or flow teaching to their portfolio. It is also extended to existing vinyasa teachers who are looking to immerse in a week of practice and training to refresh, share or gain another perspective of vinyasa yoga.


This program:

Key elements of teaching and sequencing a vinyasa class 

Intuitive sequencing methods:

- full spectrum flows

- anatomical sequence

- group of asana sequencing

- krama sequencing 

- adaptive sequencing

- slow flow or restorative sequencing  

Refinement of asanas


Asana Lab will form part of the teaching section of the course

Art of Teaching

Developing the poetry of our communication is our cueing, pace & tone

Sequence and teach at the end of every day to hone your craft



Teachers of any tradition or experience


A written summary of your teaching / practice experience and your goals, with regards to participating in this training.


Every day you will be required to sequence and teach a class. If you are not willing to participate in this, please communicate with me before signing up. 



$ + sense

Feb 19 - 22, 2024

Program Cost

£ 450

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