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Excavate & Embody Program

An invitation to teachers to come together to relax, have fun & exchange inspiration, immerse in practice & teaching embodiment in this 150 hour training retreat that forms part of a 300 hour program

During this week, we will focus on the pathway of practice through energetics, learn to read bodies in a way that allows us to communicate across large spaces and online, explore how we support our students' bodies and nervous system through the poetry of our words & intention of our touch. We will dive into tons of hands on stuff through assisting practices in yoga asanas as well as in Thai massage to become familiar and confident in the way we transmit our intention through touch. 

Join me on this intimate experience of excavation


Poetry of Words 
- Refining cues, delivering classes online, communicating in large spaces

Potency of Touch
- Layers of touch; communicating to muscles, joints, nervous system, brain

Power of Observation
- reading bodies & sensitize to energ

Purposeful Practice
- transmission & embodiment through practice


$ + sense


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