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The practice of mudra’s is the subtle science of arranging the body in a certain way that can alter energies in the body and mind. Typically the practice involves hands and fingers where the ends of many nerve paths occupy large areas of the brain.


Mantra is a word or a series of words chanted out aloud or silently, to transcend the activity

of the mind. Mantras are a yoga tool that you can use to calm your mind and senses


Asana is the practice of finding the balance between steadiness and ease. It is the physical practice of yoga that relates to the body and uses the body to connect us to our thoughts and feelings.


Together, this is a multidimensional practice to raise, shift and harmonize our physical & energetic body in a down-to-earth manner, so that we may vibrate in fullness.  


We will connect to practice that follows the path of the chakra body, exploring each mudra, mantra & philosophical awareness attached to each chakra. In this way, exploring where body meets mind and how beliefs can shape our biology.  


The practice moves from a focused & deep exploration, into a more dynamic exploration of self, before tuning into the parts of us that are expansive and nurturing, and then dropping back into a quieter sense of mind and body.


This workshop is for anyone.

Beginners can experience a little dive into these different yoga practices whilst

experienced practitioners will be able to enjoy a deeper dive into its meditative aspects.



coming soon at Vayu Yoga

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