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Repetition is a discipline that allows us to refine our understanding of our tendencies. This disciple empowers us to hold steady when life challenges us, try again when we stumble & recognise the tenacity of our heart when our purpose is revealed to us. 

This is the gift of yoga 

an ancient science of the body, mind & spirit.


For most of us who serve this practice, it all began with a calling..


If you have been feeling the call to deepen your practice and dive into the many layers that is yoga, I welcome you onto the teaching path alongside me and some special guest teachers, to immerse into 200 hours of yoga teacher training. 


Refine your understanding of yoga asana through bio mechanics, 

dive into the world of feeling through the vayu's, 

become curious through creative exploration of sequencing, 

drift away into the world of yoga philosophy that is vibrant with the teachings of life..


Learn the art of holding space, the impact of touch & the poetry of words that communicates with the body.. 


Choosing to teach yoga is a courageous commitment towards a calling to serve yourself and all beings everywhere, in connecting to the essence & sweetness of living.. 


I recognise this calling and honour this commitment with my heart and my commitment to you, the community and the practice through this offering 

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Next Intake is October 2024

next dates

September 23rd - September 27th

September 30th - October 4th

October 14th - October 18th

October 21st - October 25th

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