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Mudita Foundation Training
pleasure from watching others succeed 

After 17 years of teaching yoga and living on this path, I finally took the  jump onto this path to offer training, More pushed than jumped for which i am grateful for. I never knew i would feel so passionately about this, as i do now. It is a place of honour to be able to walk this path with others & pass on the light that has been so full heartedly passed on to me. Finally, after assisting on a decade of teacher trainings, I am stepping out into my own world and taking on this responsibility of sharing this tradition. 

My training is called Mudita

The word means a kind of joy or pleasure, obtained from seeing other people do well. This is the root of this training

Construct of the journey:


Yoga Philosophy


immerse into this world that is vibrant with the teachings of life. It guides us to live more mindfully. Eastern philosophy is rooted in thought, rather than authority

It is the ground from which this training grows from

Anatomy & Physiology

From old to new. Our Anatomy teacher, Jane Beavers, will draw you into the world that she is so passionate about and bring you into the exciting world of the body, without any rigidity. After all, bones are soft! 


A huge passion of mine. Dive into the world of breath; the most precious possession we own. It is what makes our practice breathtaking! 


The quiet world is a noisy one! Embrace this world and learn some easy ways to deliver this to the people on your street! 

Yoga Practice

It is through our own bodies that we become compassionate, intuitive teachers. Embody all this practice time for yourself

Asana Lab

Become a fluid technician of asana's. We will explore the many ways to see a yoga pose through many bodies. The fascinating world that does not fit bodies into shapes but shapes the body

Intuitive Sequencing

Learn to build classes that can easily shape-shift to serve any body, honouring all levels, size, ability, quirks

Art of Teaching


Evolve a way to deliver your classes with your voice. Find your way to hold space & communicate from a place of embodied understanding. Authenticity sustains your teaching path. Build it from the start here!

Subtle body

Drop into the subtle world and tune our "eyes" to "see" bodies differently.

It is this feeling world that we explore hands on assists to enhance a practice experience 

Business of Yoga

Be guided by teachers and studio owners who have been living this path for over a decade. Learn about what works and how to navigate this challenging path

If you have been feeling the call to deepen your practice and dive into the many layers that is yoga, and if this speaks out to you, I welcome you onto the teaching path alongside me and some special guest teachers, to immerse into 200 hours of yoga teacher training.


Get in touch for a chat to see if we align & if this is right for you. This is a big time and financial commitment that cannot be rushed and we are happy to answer as many questions as you have

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Next Intake is September 2024

next dates

2024 Autumn Intensive


September 23rd - September 27th

October 23rd - October 25th

November 11th - November 15th

December 5th - December 6th

January 20th - January 24th

 £3200 early bird





May - Residential in Bali

registration with Yoga Alliance Int coming soon

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