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Beyond 200 is about solidifying the joy of teaching yoga..
Teaching yoga full time can sometimes feel isolating, even though we are in the company of many people every day. It is a joy to meet with other teachers to share practice & experience and to express the trials & joys of teaching with our peers. 

In my early years of teaching, when the industry was not yet in this current expansive state, my teacher friends & community often met to practice and exchange information. It was also during this time that we practiced our skills on each other to receive honest feedback that allows us to grow and check in on our work. It is also at these meets that we learn or are able to practice something that we are working on. 

As the industry has now grown and shifted, I understand that it is no longer so easy to self organize in this way. Beyond 200 is my offering to hold space for such gatherings :

Vinyasa Training
Vinyasa Teacher Training - this is a supplement to your 200 hour program, an addition or an opportunity to practice with other teachers, share and hone your craft - click here

Refine & Elevate
Practice online or in person every Tuesday, 11:00 GMT
This is the cheapest way- for the cost of a class, you can receive mentoring advice, discuss issues with peers & be a part of a long standing community of teachers. 
The only criteria you have to meet is to have either attended a training with me, or consistently participate in this meet

Short Programs
Weekend trainings for teachers - click here

Retreat Trainings
Yoga retreat for teachers with or without training elements - click here


try splits everywhere

from the past

I joined Julee’s vinyasa immersion shortly after taking my 200hr YTT, wanting to add different styles of teaching to my classes.

Julee’s teaching & style is beautifully unique & throughout the course she shares her love & knowledge generously with the group.

We learnt to build sequences & create class plans, how to adapt & modify these to suit the students in our classes & how to build a sequence up to a peak pose or theme.

I hugely recommend this immersion to both new teachers & any teacher wanting to add a different dimension to their classes & teaching style.

Julee is an amazingly gifted teacher with a depth of knowledge, a huge heart & a big smile ❤️

Tracey Riley

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