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Live Streamed


11:00 - 12:30 GMT


in-person classes

Ebb & Flow Yoga, Farnham

Vayu Yoga, Guildford


Currently at....

Vayu Yoga

May 15th - 6:15pm
May 20th - 6:15pm
June 1st - 9:30am

Sequoia Yoga

May 11th - 2pm



Student Feedback

   I found her communication to be incredibly clear and effective. I felt challenged and engaged, but not overwhelmed. She pushed me to improve while also creating a comfortable and supportive environment. I appreciated the small corrections she made, as they helped me understand and learn better. As a beginner, I feel motivated and confident that with practice, I can continue to improve. I am excited to have her as my teacher and look forward to learning from her.

Priscilla D

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