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Tenacity is the practice of persistent determination that moves us towards fulfilling our intentions. Yoga practice is another tool that can help us build this attribute. Through the practice, we learn to cultivate patience, resilience, commitment and courage; habits that enable us to get up when we fall and refocus when we loose our way.



Fluidity is about moving with awareness and presence.  It is about listening to messages from the body and cultivating body intelligence.

Most of our human adult body is water.

Bringing fluidity into movement synchronizes with our natural rhythm and improves the flow of our vital energy (prana) that is essential to our wellbeing.



It is important to have energy move freely and consciously. When we cultivate conscious movement, we can learn to distribute our emotional flow inside & outside of ourselves. In order to sustain a tenacious state, we also have to learn to maintain fluidity- calm movements, unforced, with joy and satisfaction..

This keeps the presence in our practice and prevents us from fixating in the mind, helping us keep a state of balance..


Asana Addict is a practice that is focused on building these habits that serve you off your mat;

to have the courage to try something that seems out of reach

to have the patience to practice something that takes time to establish

to continue to believe in yourself despite setbacks and challenges

to break any conditioning that does not serve you

to remain present and calm when challenged


This is an invitation to enjoy a full spectrum fire practice

This is a strong, dynamic practice that is not suitable for beginners.




2:00 – 4:00 pm

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pincha mayurasana yoga pose
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