2020 dates & location
nursing a broken leg

Asana Addict is an intermediate-advanced vinyasa practice. Flows are deep, strong and sometimes funky! You will be led through kramas (steps) to work towards peak poses, which makes this workshop accessible to a wide experience of practitioners. When we hit the peak poses, there will be plenty of time to explore them. If you are learning these poses, we will go through them step by step, and take a little time to give them a try. In this way, these sessions have a semi-workshop feel

The overall practice itself is intermediate, not because of the poses, but it is just a way to say that the practice is not suitable for anyone with injuries and not suitable if you have just started practice as you will need to be somewhat familiar with the Sun Salutations and at least all the foundation yoga postures. Apart from this, all are welcomed.

Your practice goals will always be supported and as always expect to share lots of laughing!

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