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Note on Lineage

Because yoga has a long history, it is important to know and honour the teachers who are passing on the wisdom of this practice. They are those who have followed and studied this path towards truth & peace and who serve the practice by passing on this light. I have been privileged to have studied with some of these dedicated teachers but do not really belong to any one system..

In the first 10 years as a teacher, i was hungry to learn and accumulated thousands of hours of training from several different schools of yoga. I found it difficult to belong to just one system as they all had qualities that served different needs and i loved them all. I did however, dedicate majority of my study time to Shiva Rea and the Prana Flow school.

This is the foundation of all that i share.

These teachers in particular, have also influenced my teaching and my person greatly

In the 10 years or so, I have also spent much time training under these schools

Yogeswari - Jivamukti Yoga

Rod Stryker - Para Yoga School

Sianna Sherman - Anusara / Mythic Yoga School

Ganesh Upadhya - Ashtanga School

Manju Jois - Ashtanga School

And over the past decade, my long time mentor and friend,

Simon Park - Liquid Flow Yoga School

I have been privileged to have also received beautiful & precious teachings from many other teachers - too many to name, but all of whom I hold to the highest regard. They are mostly from the schools that i have mentioned above with the exception of Dharma Mittra, whom I adore greatly, but only had a chance to study with on a few occasions.

They are always with me transmitting their lineage on to you.


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