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22 years on...

There was a time when my practice was the centre of my world.

I loved all things yoga & subscribed to the world of it
The singing, the dancing, the stories, worship, tribe, yoga poses,
the works..
At the time, I uprooted from home, friends, family & work..
stopped partying, stopped smoking..
I was relationship building but needed something to fill some gaps in my life
& yoga did just that..

I started teaching yoga in the 7th or 8th year of practice..
pretty much as soon as I started to teach,
I also started to run yoga studios.
I was around at the right place at the right time i guess...
& life as I knew, changed forever..
I poured my energy into building communities
& into using yoga to serve
I know this is a big word, but essentially, it was what I did;
probably because I wasn’t raising a family..
At the time, I had a calling to work with the senior community,
This was also the time I met Kayoko and got involved with YGB
& these two servings just went so well together
It scratched 2 itches for me at the time
& i would say, that time is the highlight of my yoga career so far.

After another 7 years, life took another change in 2014,
another big move to a different city..
The time felt right to let go of the studio & focus on my home
I know that many people think this was — sad..
But it wasn’t

However, it didn't work out the way i expected, because i got even more stuck into the industry and into work..
or whatever it was that made it so
But the industry has taken such great care of me, & for this, i am grateful beyond words

Over the years, I had to let go of many things in my yoga practice
Letting go of yoga poses taught me recognise the transient nature of all things..
These were hard lessons & they remain so..
But if you cannot let go of yoga poses that do not serve you, that no longer serve you, that never served you…
then you’re in for a tough ride in life..

Having said that..
Even though yoga doesn’t have the same purpose or intensity for me any longer, it doesn’t mean it’s time to let it go..
The nature of my relationship to it has changed
but it is still a big part of my life..
I never believe that letting go of one aspect of a relationship means dumping the whole thing altogether ..

and so i move onwards with yoga by my side, the ever steady companion...

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