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Thank you for your presence here!

On this site, you can find information for 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training, post 200 Hour Teacher Training , Yoga Retreats, workshops & classes

I have been practicing yoga for over almost 25 years. At first, I came to the practice to supplement treatment i was receiving for chronic back pain - that I no longer have. 

& since then, it has become an integral part of my life that keeps me healthy in my mind & body, 

It nourishes my soul with it's insight & also provides for me..

i live and breathe this practice!

I am grateful for it everyday & am committed to serve it as best as i can..

In 2007, i took my first teacher training and have been teaching yoga full time since. Through teaching, i have met and have shared this practice with wonderful people in different countries, experiencing the diversity of the human mind and body that is nature & nurtured!

This has been the biggest passion of my "job" -

& i love teaching every body

I hope you find what you came to look for..

if not, please feel free to drop me a line & i will do my best to help you 

If you would like to connect more, you can find me on social media.

& enjoy some complimentary classes on my YOuTube channel.

in service,

xx j



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