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About Me

I have been practicing yoga for over almost 25 years. At first, I came to the practice to supplement treatment i was receiving for chronic back pain. I am happy to report that this is now old news! It wasn't a magic solution but I really enjoyed the class & stuck on. Over time (around a year or so) the pain was no longer present but the practice become an integral part of my life, keeping me mentally & physically healthy. 

One of the biggest gift yoga has given me has been my mental health. I am so grateful for this!! The teachings of yoga has nourished my mind and soul with a way of life and an understanding that makes the full spectrum of life easier to navigate. For this reason, i live and breathe this practice

I am grateful for it everyday & am committed to serve it

In 2007, i took my first teacher training and have been teaching yoga full time since. I started teaching in Norwich, ran my own studio, now between 2009 - 2014 before moving to Guildford, Surrey, where my first (short) teacher training came to fruition in 2017. 

For about a decade, I had the privilege to assist Simon Park at his teacher trainings, learning the craft from many great teachers, including & especially Simon & Gwen Williams. In you would like to know more about my lineage of teachers, there is a short blog about that here


In 2003, with a little push from a great great lady, I launched my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training called Mudita. Mudita is translated as the pleasure of watching others succeed, There is really no joy like it! 


I continue to be passionate about all teaching - small groups, big groups, retreats, trainings... all of it.

Through teaching, i have met and have shared this practice with wonderful people in different countries, experiencing the diversity of the human mind and body that is nature & nurtured. Through it all, i remain the eternal student. 

Off the mat- when there is such a thing.... i love climbing rocks

I can also be quite the couch potato when there is a lover and a dog in tow, just feeling time pass in wonderment & love..

I hope to connect with you somewhere in the real world or virtual world!

Love, j 

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