Journey into Mudras, Bijas and Asanas 

02 - 02 - 20

Ebb & Flow Farnham


AN INVITATION TO COME TOGETHER, to raise, shift, harmonise our physical & energetic body through the practice of mudras, mantras and asanas.

This flow class will follow the path of the chakra body, exploring each mudra, mantra & philosophical awareness attached to each chakra. In this way, we explore where body meets mind and how our beliefs shape our biology.

During this workshop, I will share with you my take on how each chakra informs my self-awareness; a way that has been taught to me by great teachers that have transformed the way I connect with my life.

The flow practice to accompany the evening will be focused, slow and deep. A practice to balance any excessive energy or stagnation. Together, the purpose of this multidimensional practice is to harmonise our inner and outer body in a down-to-earth manner, so that we may vibrate in fullness.

This workshop is suitable for everyone including complete beginners. Experienced practitioners will be able to enjoy diving deeper into meditative flow whilst those starting on their practice journey can start to experience the joy of movement.





In this Asana Addict edition, we will be exploring a full spectrum practice with a large focus on arm balances and ultimately, handstands!

Tenacity - is the practice of persistent determination as we move towards fulfilling our intentions. Yoga practice is a tool that can help us build this temperament. Through our practice, we can cultivate patience, resilience, commitment and courage; habits that enable us to get up when we fall and refocus when we lose our way.

Fluidity - is about moving with awareness and presence. It is about listening to messages from the body and cultivating body intelligence.

Most of our human adult body is water. Moving in this way is in sync with our natural rhythm and increases our vital energy (prana) that is essential to our wellbeing.

It is important to have energy move freely and consciously. When we cultivate conscious movement, we can learn to distribute our emotional flow inside and outside of ourselves. In order to sustain a tenacious state, we also have to learn to maintain fluidity - calm movements, unforced, with joy and satisfaction.

This keeps our presence in our practice and prevents us from fixating in the mind, helping us keep a state of b

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