vinyasa teaching immersion

The purpose of this immersion is to deliver a training program to existing teachers who are looking to include vinyasa or flow teaching to their portfolio. 

It is also extended to existing vinyasa teachers who are looking to immerse in a week of practice and training to refresh, share or gain another perspective of vinyasa yoga.

Any seasoned practitioners who wish to develop a deeper understanding of vinyasa practice and the subtlety of the practice are also invited.

Course Content


The course will cover
*    Key elements of teaching and sequencing a vinyasa class 
*    Challenges of teaching vinyasa flow and the tools to meet these challenges 
*    Creative sequencing, especially krama's, a beautiful way of taking a practice                    into peak poses, as well as at least two other sequencing methods  

*    Sequencing and teaching a restorative flow class

*    Refinement of asanas for all bodies, which can be challenging in teaching flow 
*    Assisting techniques- simple and safe hands on assist as a way of supporting 

      your students'  experience 
*    Cueing & developing vision, precision, sensitivity and multi points of awareness

*    Daily practice labs where you will create sequences & teach


Our daily practice labs will give you the opportunity to observe & listen to teaching points, practice teaching in a flow and discuss any challenges or uncertainty. This time is akin to a group mentoring session. 


My goal is that you leave the program with the confidence to teach a flow class if you are not already doing so. If extra support is needed, private mentoring sessions can be arranged. You are also welcomed to join the community of teacher's that meet for teacher's practice- a great source of information and inspiration (even if you are not part of this course) 



Teachers or experienced practitioners (however, you are only allowed to teach the general public if you already have an existing yoga teaching qualification) 


A written summary of your teaching / practice experience and your goals, with regards to participating in this immersion.


Your commitment for the week in exchange for mine. 

Please ensure that you are able to commit to the whole program.

Sample of your day:


08:00 - 10:30

Yoga practice followed by discussions

From day 2, part of this practice will be led by a participant

11:00 - 12:30


Every day you will be required to sequence a class in your own time.

This can be counted towards your non contact hours  


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