sometimes i wish

i was more black & white

& less grey

i admire,

maybe envy,

straight forward people

always clear in their ways..


i often find myself on the off beaten path

often getting lost

at times, exhilarating

at times frustrating

at times completely stuck..

for me, being led is precious

in the past teachers were firm

& only those who can take the seat, take the seat..

there were no clients,

only students

& students followed..

this is not to say that students were not free to explore..

they were free to explore outside of the teacher

this is not to say that the teacher always assumes they are right..

we were expected to receive what the teacher shared & take what resonated with us, and we were free to leave the rest..

sometimes, we have to walk a path well trodden

& sometimes we have to go off trail

we can at least be clear about this..

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