Creative Flop

Yesterday was record breaking as far as temperatures were concerned…

Taking this into consideration, i was trying to figure out what will not feel too hot for beginners, but dynamic enough for the regulars who love a good a flow-jam..

So i came up with this..

Not my finest hour i can tell you!

But i managed to stick to most of it..

I try to encourage practicing a more diverse range of transitions because..

It’s really good for the brain if nothing else..

To be adaptable to receive different information

To digest, process & not bug out in the process of it


No matter…. try again another day!

I guess that is why something is called a “creative process”

It can be the next awesome thing or just a flop..

But it shouldn’t stop us from exploring new pathways

(& especially not for the sake of being liked)

It is the way to grow yourself & your students

I have shared this video on my youtube channel in case you want to try it

Its a bit faster than i would teach it but i recorded it for myself to remember the sequence & not to share…. but in the future i will keep in mind that i might feel inspired to share it..

So this is how i plan the class..

I have the ladder flow which i take into class & a couple of peak poses that it can go into..

This is decided as the class progresses..

Sometimes, not everything gets shared…

Just depends on what is happening in front of me..

And sometimes, there is no peak..

If you are interested, come and learn this process with me during my Vinyasa training this 24th-27th October. Details on my website or ping me a message.

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