What Your Heart Desires

One of the most profound training I have ever done was Rod Stryker's Four Desires. Although I could probably do another few sessions of the same to really REALLY get the full benefit of the work, it changed the way I face my goals and challenges.

This week, I am sharing with you a short interpretation from it. The source of this teaching also comes from various inspiration, like the footballer I had mentioned in class & just from trying to live these teachings...

Know what you truly desire..

It seems so simple but when it really comes down to the crunch of it, do we really know?

And if so, is it truly what we want?

If you really want something-- like really really want it; you will be willing to give it everything you've got.

And this doesn't just mean effort and hard work.

It is about giving it all your focus and commitment...doing things that make you uncomfortable, possibly upsetting people, hurting loved ones.

There is always a sacrifice to be made..

That is not to say that we will succeed but if we have not given it everything we've got then we cannot say we have tried and we cannot say we have failed either...

** My dad used to say, it doesn't end until life ends so really, there is no failure for as long as you are living & when you're dead, it matters no more :-D

I miss him!

It is also important to know what we truly desire so that we do not waste time & energy chasing something we don't really want..

It has become the crux of my daily practice.

To start and end each day, reminding myself, what or who my efforts are for.

To remind myself every time i step onto my mat.

What is this about?

What is it for?

Who is it for?

Even when it is unclear & not always something profound (some things are really just for fun!)

And if it is an asana that you want- this is the easiest- practice every day!

It will come!

For what?

For everything!

Cultivation of commitment, discipline, sustenance, ETC!

It's not just asana!


Here's the 2nd peak flow from the current Level 2 practice.

Add to it whatever you like to juzz it up!

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