Re Treat Yourself

One of the easiest way to travel on your own but not be on your own is to go on a retreat. I guess that is why the industry has boomed stratospherically! I go on one myself every year. It's the annual self-treat that i look forward to and absolutely love every single time!

I love it because I've always met GREAT people on these trips, many of whom are still friends, some have grown into buddies. Everyone has the same understanding so there's never any pressure to hang out but the doors are always open. It is so ideal. Retreat locations always have loads of space to go off and just get lost in your book or snooze all day long. Total bliss! Equally, there's plenty to explore and lots to do if you prefer to busy yourself!

There are so many teachers running retreats now, it is not difficult to find something that suits you. I carry a big bag of treats with me when i teach on retreats and really just go with the energy of the group. Most people who come to my retreat are looking for a long, dynamic practice in the morning and a deep, juicy slower practice in the evening. And if 2 hours in the morning is not enough for some, there is always an extended practice just before everyone else joins in for the evening practice. If anyone is an acro yogi or want to have a play, or want to learn to fly some handstands, arm balances; find me on the beach and i'm always game!

Time here is yours. I am there for you & you are free to come and go as you please. No expectation to show up every time & nothing special you have to do. Just be in your rhythm and find your bliss! :-)

Guess what is back this year??

Autumn Spa retreat in Sweden! I have missed this! Now that Victoria's baby is ready for us to leave her, we are back with the usual three days of spa, Yin & Vinyasa yoga indulgence!!

Super love this!

Looking forward to share time with you!


Portugal Wellbeing Retreat

15-19th May

Corfu Summer Retreat

14-21st July

Sweden Yoga & Spa Retreat

9th - 11th Nov

Thailand Back to Nature Retreat

6th January tbc

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