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To be honest, I have always maintained that I will not offer teacher training because I have never felt like that seat was for me to take. After 10 years of teaching, I began to feel like perhaps I could offer a bit more to the teaching community, more than the little time I get to share during class. This pull to put something together also started to grow when I started to be approached more and more with teaching questions, advice and mentorship request. I would often leave feeling like I had inadequately answered these questions and it bothered me! So the idea began to grow and fuelled on by Clarissa's encouragement and enthusiasm, this 40 Hour Vinyasa Teaching Immersion materialized last year in 2017.

This felt right!

Vinyasa practice is embedded in my heart and soul. If there is one thing i know, I know this practice; i know how to deliver it and i know how to teach it and now i know, I know how to teach to teach it! I don't say this from a place of ego. This came from almost 20 years of practice, thousands hours teaching, studying, training, observing and speaking to students. It has been years of collating information and experience; something that I continuously do, perhaps out of habit..or love..

My passion is in sequencing with purpose. I believe when you build a practice efficiently, you keep your students healthy and help them achieve their practice goals, whatever that may be. I also believe it is possible to sequence a challenging class for all levels, even when you are accommodating one student with injuries. I was also trained to use my hands to assist and will show you how you can do this in simple ways, safely and confidently. (I also trained in Thai Massage in Chiang Mai and practiced this for several years, but presently only apply these touch techniques in class)

If you are a new teacher, or an experienced teacher from another system of teaching, or even an enthusiastic student, you are most welcome to join in. I am fully committed to the teachings that have been passed on to me and to the teaching profession. And my commitment extends to you for as long as you wish to stay connected, long after our 5 days together. I believe that a strong sharing community benefits everyone.

See you in the flow!

Link here for training page

If you would like to hear what past teachers have said, please have a look at the review section of my facebook page or ask to be put in touch with someone.

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