Something New For A Brand New Day

Today feels like a new day.

The kind that feels like another fresh start.

After spending 6 weeks in Asia, I have to admit, I found it extremely difficult to adjust to being home in England. My heart is always home in Malaysia, or anywhere in South East Asia.

But i think mostly, the 10 days in India, visiting projects with Yoga Gives Back, opened a door inside of me that flung me off my path and left me feeling a little spaced out!

I panicked a little when i still felt disconnected after 3 weeks of being home, despite being so warmly received back at home, with friends, colleagues & students. I just didn't feel like myself. And i mean this literally. I almost want to call myself lazy...uninterested, bored, boring... Yes, this weather sucks but I can't keep blaming the weather for this lacklustre!?

On Friday, after some good news from the hospital, I decided to speed off to Cambridge where an acrobatics workshop was taking place and spend the evening with my friend. And today, it feels like a new day..

I don't really know what it was..

Maybe it was doing something out of my comfort zone?

I knew this was going to be nuts for me especially since I do not have a consistent acroyoga or acrobatics practice. I had to have a conversation with myself a few times to just do my best and enjoy myself because i was getting frustrated about letting people down. It was also about allowing myself to be average. And you know what? It felt so good.

It helped also that the group were really supportive, encouraging & warm.

It was also a huge relief that I managed to do the full 2 days without feeling like my energy and strength could not keep up. I was starting to wonder if I was not going to do the whole age thing gracefully! So that was a BIG phew moment!

My evening with my friend and her 2 dogs (also my friends) was perfect. We used to do this a lot- sit around, eat Thai curry and drink wine by the fire. It was so good to catch up & do something familiar. I cannot believe that when I left her, she gifted me these Jimmy Choo shoes that I have adored forever!!! Shoes for grounding! How fitting!!! :-)))

So here I am!

I feel like myself again and felt like i needed to reconnect to something else that I had left behind and hence this new blog. Someone seems to have hijacked and i have no idea how to take back control of it so I've left it!

If you are feeling disconnected too, I hope this motivates you in some way to get up and find your way. Sometimes, we look too far away for our answers and try to dive into something huge because we think something is wrong and we need fixing. Actually, all we need is to remember what we miss doing and what we miss being. For me, I just missed playing and I missed connecting with a long time friend. Even the willingness of leaving my husband and dogs to do this was important. As soon as I was on the motorway with coffee in hand, I knew all was about to be better. And all it took was a weekend..

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