teacher's practice | refine & elevate

Teachers Practice
10:00 - 12:00
Chilworth Village Hall
*advance booking only*
Please note:
Missed sessions will not be replaced

Refine & Elevate is a gathering of teachers to share skills, ideas, hash out problems & support each others' practice & teaching. It is a way for me to deliver mentoring consistently, as well as draw from the teaching experience of the surrounding teaching community and also a way for teachers to connect & network.


Regularly & consistently working with each other is the traditional way of a kula. It is a beautiful way to stay inspired and elevate your practice..

Our sessions begin at 10:00 with discussions. Anyone can bring to the table any teaching questions they may have or anything at all that has come up during the teaching week. The sessions are small to ensure that everyone has space to speak.

The group is diverse ranging from brand new teachers to senior teachers and from diverse teaching backgrounds; from Iyengar to Hot Yoga. Everyone is equal here and everyone is heard. It is not so much a question and answer session, more a group discussion and everyone is invited to bring their experience to the table.


From 10:30-12:00, practice begins. This practice is your time, to indulge in led asana practice. I started this because, as a young teacher, I was so lucky to have a kula to practice with. This helped me keep up with my love for asana practice and also helped me stay on top of it all. It is s easy to get caught up in teaching life that our personal practice starts to take a back seat. I also know that it is difficult to find a practice that keeps up with your needs, without having to attend training or workshops. I hope to be able to serve these needs, the way my teachers & friends did so for me.  

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