Introduction to AcroYoga

30th September

14:00 - 16:00


Ebb & Flow Farnham

Acro Yoga is a practice enhanced by ideas and techniques from yoga, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading & Thai massage. Practice happens in teams of 3 or more. Each group will have a base, a flyer and a spotter(s) Working as a team, will take turns to learn to fly, base and spot.


The flyer learns techniques on how to get in and out of poses safety as well as tips on how to hold the pose steadily; for example where to look, hand, legs, feet & head placement.


As a base you will learn how to take your flyer in and out of a pose; feet placement, getting comfortable and moving the flyer around as well as what you can do once you’ve got your flyer up!


You will also learn how to keep your team safe as a spotter. You will learn how to support each posture as well as what to look out for in order for your teammates to play more comfortably and successfully.


Working in this way, you learn to trust your teammates as well as yourself. Literally, you can learn to fly or give someone the joy of flight! You will develop some awesome partnerships and definitely have a lot of fun!


This session is suitable for everyone- yogis and non-yogis alike, including complete beginners. There will be a warm up session followed by some drills to help us start to feel what it will be like to give and support weight and then we will break up into our groups and start to learn some acro yoga moves! We will be covering as many fundamental moves as we can and there will always be a bit extra for any groups who are ready!


Laugh your head off, connect with others and accomplish things you never thought possible! It is what acroyoga is all about!


Join in!

No experience necessary, bring your friends or come alone!

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