Dear friend,


Thank you for your curiosity..

Here's a bit about me..


i have been teaching since 2007

& practicing for around 20 years 

apparently this makes me a bit old school 


i have been led & mentored by some

great teachers & friends 

who believe in sharing, evolving & honing the practice together.

it is an honor for me to continue this tradition

i am passionate about movement

& the breath;

getting connected to that space inside

connects you deeply to everything- 

relationships, family, people, animals, nature...

it is the way to experience divinity in everything



i am also passionate about AcroYoga

& have been teaching since 2018,

practicing since 2009

whilst yoga is so much about an inside-outside connection 

acroyoga is an outside-inside connection

i think the world needs this -

 to get connected, play & care for each other


i believe that yoga compliments many activities

& can help you grow your sport

my private session offerings are very much about this;

whether you are looking to gain mobility, strength or ease

do get in touch to see if we can work together

i look forward to see you on the mat & in the flow

juls xx



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